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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

omg my kitten threw away her dot dot laaa -,-'

salam ;)
wanna know something ? geez okie last month my cat gave a birth to only 1 kitten..yepp i admit that i really really love cat very much,BUT ! i do really really really hate when they throw away thier *dot dot* all over the place..especially on carpet ...arghhhh -,-' damn..the one who should clean it all is me ! mom always need me to do that D;  . arhh it's not fair it's not fair ! my lil and big bro just stand there and watched me cleaned it by myself .. hei i need ur help laa broo ! -,-'..diorang boleh buat dunno jekkk ye ..benci2 .. i can't stand it anymore..but i keep patient babe ..neee i just need to wait until my kitten grow up and no need for me to clean it anymore..muahaha ! sip ;)

#sorry if my english sedikit kelam kabut yerr (learning process wek :p) i know that i'm not smarter than u are ;)